The Requiem of Tharos

Session Four Recap

Into the City

Hennik led the party through the remains of his grandfather’s arcane facility. The party cleverly neutralized the lab’s security automatons by convincing them that Hennik was Tessith Irontomb. In his grandfather’s private officethe party found Tessith’s shield guardian, an automaton of striking resemblance to the late wizard, melted from the waist down despite the room being seemingly untouched by the eruption. In all they uncovered many magical devices as well as House Irontomb’s famous iron tomb; a relic of Hennik’s family.

The party descended deeper into the ruins of the city. While traveling through a large marketplace the party accidentally activated an old siege automaton that quickly attacked with a giant ballista. It was in this fight that Hennik revealed his arcane training by dispatching the automaton with lightening. After spending much time perusing the wares of the still and silent bazaar, the party continued navigating the city.

Hours passed with the group passing through ruined corridors and collapsed buildings trying desperately to find a way out of the mountain. At the end of one long passage the party found a lone manor, immaculate in its condition. Within they found the long, dead owner of the home collapsed in his study. The party was about to leave this dead end when a group of exploring Kobolds happened into the manor. Taking another look around the study, the party found secret controls for some unknown passage. When activated the house began to tunnel through the mountain; down into the depths of the city. Dispatching the kobolds was easy work for the party but they now find themselves in the catacombs of Kazdan amongst those that died before and during the eruption.


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