The Requiem of Tharos

The Night a Dragon took out the Clock tower

Saggick Bricktop

Lots of folk come through Mossy Rock. Most just cool there heels next to that pillar of lichen or rest their heads for the night. Whoa not this night, the night a dragon wrecked my clock tower. There I was drinking some fine brandy watching the fire near the hearth at the Fallen Log. There were a few new faces but mostly familiar ones. Hennic was making his way through town accompanied by his quartets of misfits. A Blackwit heir was taking coin from the working folk but it didn’t matter cause some sly halfling was taking it from him, ha! Some elf, Helo maybe, was pestering me for answers I didn’t have. Anyway those four had that look in there eyes, that spark that gets things done. Somehow that got it in their heads they needed to get into the old gift shop. So off they went…

Not long after the screaming started. Savage elves and dragon kin of the small medium and very large variety sacked the town. Blood, fire, and smoke… or was it fog ah anyway Mossy Rock was smoldering pile of singed timber by day break. That’s where those adventures and I parted ways. I was tasked with reporting the happenings to the Dwarves at Sentinel while they decided to seek vengeance for the townsfolk.



MoonHeron rollerco

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