Kithri Proudfeet

Halfling Rogue


I’ve spent my life swindling the good people of Kaleth out of their gold and trinkets. Sometimes it’s with a persuasive sales pitch, sometimes with a sleight of hand trick. My dog Slobber occasionally helps me by creating a distraction while I help myself to the coin purses of the preoccupied parties. People don’t always notice I’m there because of my size, and that has come in handy more than once.

I am a master of disguise, can forge just about any document you might need, and have no problem getting into places and chests that others might not want me in. But don’t worry, I’ll never take from those who can’t afford to lose.

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting out of Kaleth and have recently had a stronger reason to leave. I’m stopping over in Mossyrock and plan to go to Kazdan next with Slobber.

Kithri Proudfeet

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