Ovaino Blackwit

Human Sorcerer


Ovaino Blackwit is the oft-neglected youngest son of Harrek and Dylena Blackwit, proprietors of the prosperous Blackwit mercantile company, whose holdings rival many a landed lord and lady across several nations. From the day he could first grasp the concept, Ovaino had one singular fascination: magic. This enduring fascination became a passion and ultimately an obsession, and so when Ovaino turned sixteen, Lord Harrek was only too happy to ship him off for study at the School of High Magic in Kaleth. Of course, when the merchant lord discovers that his wayward son has gone the prodigal route—forfeiting his tuition and taking to the road—he may be a little less pleased with his decision.

Just as well that he had left, though. The instructors and the other students had not known what to make of him, and while Ovaino may have been bright enough to make a serviceable wizard, his magic was certainly not coming from the books he studied. Nor was it coming from an ancient draconic bloodline as is commonly seen with sorcerers. Instead, some suspected he was drawing on far more chaotic, dangerous—and perhaps sinister—forces, to achieve his uncanny sorcerous dweomers.

Ovaino Blackwit

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