Apprenticed Keeper - Fys Alari Tribe


This young and fair wood elf stands near five feet tall and is covered in a collection of animal furs. Her beauty is betrayed by a feralness in her movements and behavior.


Talindra is the apprentice of the keeper Kalanto. Over the last forty years they have led the struggling Fys Alari tribe. Survival is all that matters to the Fys Alari. The old ways disintegrated as humans and dragonkin pressured and confined the tribe to smaller and smaller lands. When the green dragon Tessith attacked the tribe and ensnared Kalanto, it was left to Talindra to lead her people. Young and full of rage, Talindra agreed to help the dragonkin sack Mossyrock in exchange for Kalindra’s freedom and justice on the human settlers.


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