The Requiem of Tharos

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The Night a Dragon took out the Clock tower
Saggick Bricktop

Lots of folk come through Mossy Rock. Most just cool there heels next to that pillar of lichen or rest their heads for the night. Whoa not this night, the night a dragon wrecked my clock tower. There I was drinking some fine brandy watching the fire near the hearth at the Fallen Log. There were a few new faces but mostly familiar ones. Hennic was making his way through town accompanied by his quartets of misfits. A Blackwit heir was taking coin from the working folk but it didn’t matter cause some sly halfling was taking it from him, ha! Some elf, Helo maybe, was pestering me for answers I didn’t have. Anyway those four had that look in there eyes, that spark that gets things done. Somehow that got it in their heads they needed to get into the old gift shop. So off they went…

Not long after the screaming started. Savage elves and dragon kin of the small medium and very large variety sacked the town. Blood, fire, and smoke… or was it fog ah anyway Mossy Rock was smoldering pile of singed timber by day break. That’s where those adventures and I parted ways. I was tasked with reporting the happenings to the Dwarves at Sentinel while they decided to seek vengeance for the townsfolk.


Session One Recap
Mossyrock Mishap

After arriving in Mossyrock separately the party all found themselves in the Fallen Log tap house. Ovaino Blackwit used his impressive gambling skills to deprive the local patrons of their hard earned coin. He quickly discovered that his winnings were all that he had left after Kithri Proutfeet stole his coin purse. The stout soldier Hennik Irontomb was relaxing into a mug of ale after a long days march and Helo Halcyon was questioning the towns caretaker, Saggick, about elven ruins near Kazdan.

Mention of Kazdan caught the attention of Kithri and Ovaino who quickly joined in Saggick’s interrogation. The group learned about and old gift shop in the center on town that was sealed up after Kazdan errupted. The three left the Fallen Log to explore with Hennik following to keep them out of trouble.

Just as they were about to open the gift ship a dragon flew out of the sky and destroyed the clock tower in the town’s courtyard. Immediately after the courtyard was filled with a thick white fog. Lost in the fog the party was attacked by a pair of elven barbarians from the southern woods. During the fight the teleportation circle at the base of the clock tower lit up and produced a group of kobolds. The kobolds ignored the adventurers and headed inside the gift shop. After quickly finding what they were after the Kobolds fled using the teleportation circle. Helo witnessed an elven wild woman signal a withdrawal and soon the town fell into silence.

The small lumber town of Mossyrock was completely destroyed by the savage elves. The only survivors other than the party were Saggick and one of Hennik’s soldiers. Saggick explained that the clocktower was enchanted to prevent the unauthorized use of the teleportation circle. With it destoyed anyone could use the circle but only from its pairs at Sentinel and Kazdan. Given that the kobolds couldn’t have come from Sentinel and that the elves might have been working with the Dragonkin, the party decided to travel the old road to Kazdan for revenge and answers.

As they were preparing to depart a halfling women arrived and informed the party that the dragonkin were digging into the ruins at Kazdan. This explained why they attacked the town; inside the gift shop were detailed maps of the city and mountain of Kazdan from before the erruption; invaluable items if searching the ruins for something.

On the road the party met Talindra, the elven wild woman who led the attack against Mossyrock. She explained that the dragonkin captured their tribes keeper and were using him as leverage to manipulate her people. She wants the party to help her liberate her tribe from the dragonkin. The party hesitantly agreed to investigate the situation.

Helo and Ovaino took a side trip to small ruin along the road. They found an abandoned building similar to Mossyrock’s town center. Inside was a shrine to the Feywild; a relic of the Kenesara Nation. Helo and Ovaino each took a branch off of the dead sacred tree within the shrine.

The party is now less than a day away from the ruins of Fys Alari; A ruined elven city on Kazdan’s mountain side. Talindra claims that her people are being held there.

Session Two Recap
Fys Alari Expedition

The ruins of the elven city Fys Alari came into sight at about mid-day. The party separated into two groups. Hennik and Rachel left to scout the main entrance to Kazdan as well as visit her home on the mountain. Talindra led Helo, Kithri, and Ovaino closer to Fys Alari. Talindra was allowed to enter the city to meet with her people while the three waited for nightfall.

After dark the three explorers stealthily navigated the ruins of Fys Alari. They passed through the elven tribe’s village and found it filled with kobolds. Climbing the steep stairways of the cliff city the three made their way higher and higher. They were briefly waylaid by a pair of green Ambush Drakes as well as a patrol of kobolds. Ovaino made the acquaintance of a tiny pseudodragon living in the city. As morning approached the party found themselves in the upper levels of the city, near an ancient wooded park; they entered a ruined building and rested.

While on watch Helo witnessed a Huge green dragon leave the wooded park and fly to the great temple high above. The party then ventured into the woods seeking the impossibly large tree at its center. Helo found himself unnaturally lost after a time but with the assistance of Ovaino’s new pseudodragon friend the party found their way to the central tree. Once there the group found a portal among the roots of the great tree. this door took them to a bright, summer day in the Feywild. Surrounded by a spectacular oak savanna the group followed a path to a particular oak tree at the center of a shallow pond. Helo found himself compelled to approach the tree and with a bright flash the party found the tree and savanna gone. They were in a dark, spherical room with a shallow pool and a tall wooden staff in place of the tree. Helo claimed the staff and the party quickly uncovered a secret passage out of the room.

The party then found themselves within the Grand Temple of Fys Alari at the very top of the city. After exploring the temple for some time the group came to an open courtyard; there they witnessed Talindra fighting a humanoid half dragon on a high balcony. The dragon threw Talindra to the ground below. She saw the party and begged them for help causing Kithri to run up and kill her to keep the party hidden. Talindra’s final screams drew the half-dragon’s attention who quickly called for the party’s apprehension.

Now the party has found themselves in a lower level of the temple hoping to hold their own against a coming tide of dragonkin.

Session Three Recap
Fys Alari Escape; Enter Kazdan!

Ovaino, Kithri, and Helo were standing their ground against waves of kobolds when Hennik revealed a secret door leading out of the temple. Reunited, the party fled the temple aboard a dwarven tram but were pursued through the tunnel by the dragonkin leader. Using her master key, Kithri accelerated the tram which resulted in the Half-dragon abandoning his pursuit. Deeper in the mountain the tram tunnel abruptly ended with a large hole. The party rolled off their platform before it fell into the dark, bowels of the mountain.

After some time of walking the party arrived at Tessith’s Futuristics. A section of Kazdan know to be the workshop and laboratories of Tessith Irontomb and his apprentices. While exploring the party encountered several curious rooms and experiments. In a shattered aquarium schools of mechanical, enchanted fish attacked the party. One lab held an unfinished force field experiment culminated in a piece of clothing that projected magical armor. In a more nefarious lab, the party uncovered a device that could transform living creatures into figurines of wondrous power. After a battle with the experiments last test subject, a phase spider, the party reactivated the equipment and turned Kithri’s dog Slobber into a granite statuette.

Now the party looks to continue their exploration of this ruined wizard’s lair.

Session Four Recap
Into the City

Hennik led the party through the remains of his grandfather’s arcane facility. The party cleverly neutralized the lab’s security automatons by convincing them that Hennik was Tessith Irontomb. In his grandfather’s private officethe party found Tessith’s shield guardian, an automaton of striking resemblance to the late wizard, melted from the waist down despite the room being seemingly untouched by the eruption. In all they uncovered many magical devices as well as House Irontomb’s famous iron tomb; a relic of Hennik’s family.

The party descended deeper into the ruins of the city. While traveling through a large marketplace the party accidentally activated an old siege automaton that quickly attacked with a giant ballista. It was in this fight that Hennik revealed his arcane training by dispatching the automaton with lightening. After spending much time perusing the wares of the still and silent bazaar, the party continued navigating the city.

Hours passed with the group passing through ruined corridors and collapsed buildings trying desperately to find a way out of the mountain. At the end of one long passage the party found a lone manor, immaculate in its condition. Within they found the long, dead owner of the home collapsed in his study. The party was about to leave this dead end when a group of exploring Kobolds happened into the manor. Taking another look around the study, the party found secret controls for some unknown passage. When activated the house began to tunnel through the mountain; down into the depths of the city. Dispatching the kobolds was easy work for the party but they now find themselves in the catacombs of Kazdan amongst those that died before and during the eruption.


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