The Requiem of Tharos

Session Three Recap

Fys Alari Escape; Enter Kazdan!

Ovaino, Kithri, and Helo were standing their ground against waves of kobolds when Hennik revealed a secret door leading out of the temple. Reunited, the party fled the temple aboard a dwarven tram but were pursued through the tunnel by the dragonkin leader. Using her master key, Kithri accelerated the tram which resulted in the Half-dragon abandoning his pursuit. Deeper in the mountain the tram tunnel abruptly ended with a large hole. The party rolled off their platform before it fell into the dark, bowels of the mountain.

After some time of walking the party arrived at Tessith’s Futuristics. A section of Kazdan know to be the workshop and laboratories of Tessith Irontomb and his apprentices. While exploring the party encountered several curious rooms and experiments. In a shattered aquarium schools of mechanical, enchanted fish attacked the party. One lab held an unfinished force field experiment culminated in a piece of clothing that projected magical armor. In a more nefarious lab, the party uncovered a device that could transform living creatures into figurines of wondrous power. After a battle with the experiments last test subject, a phase spider, the party reactivated the equipment and turned Kithri’s dog Slobber into a granite statuette.

Now the party looks to continue their exploration of this ruined wizard’s lair.


MoonHeron MoonHeron

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