The Requiem of Tharos

Session Two Recap

Fys Alari Expedition

The ruins of the elven city Fys Alari came into sight at about mid-day. The party separated into two groups. Hennik and Rachel left to scout the main entrance to Kazdan as well as visit her home on the mountain. Talindra led Helo, Kithri, and Ovaino closer to Fys Alari. Talindra was allowed to enter the city to meet with her people while the three waited for nightfall.

After dark the three explorers stealthily navigated the ruins of Fys Alari. They passed through the elven tribe’s village and found it filled with kobolds. Climbing the steep stairways of the cliff city the three made their way higher and higher. They were briefly waylaid by a pair of green Ambush Drakes as well as a patrol of kobolds. Ovaino made the acquaintance of a tiny pseudodragon living in the city. As morning approached the party found themselves in the upper levels of the city, near an ancient wooded park; they entered a ruined building and rested.

While on watch Helo witnessed a Huge green dragon leave the wooded park and fly to the great temple high above. The party then ventured into the woods seeking the impossibly large tree at its center. Helo found himself unnaturally lost after a time but with the assistance of Ovaino’s new pseudodragon friend the party found their way to the central tree. Once there the group found a portal among the roots of the great tree. this door took them to a bright, summer day in the Feywild. Surrounded by a spectacular oak savanna the group followed a path to a particular oak tree at the center of a shallow pond. Helo found himself compelled to approach the tree and with a bright flash the party found the tree and savanna gone. They were in a dark, spherical room with a shallow pool and a tall wooden staff in place of the tree. Helo claimed the staff and the party quickly uncovered a secret passage out of the room.

The party then found themselves within the Grand Temple of Fys Alari at the very top of the city. After exploring the temple for some time the group came to an open courtyard; there they witnessed Talindra fighting a humanoid half dragon on a high balcony. The dragon threw Talindra to the ground below. She saw the party and begged them for help causing Kithri to run up and kill her to keep the party hidden. Talindra’s final screams drew the half-dragon’s attention who quickly called for the party’s apprehension.

Now the party has found themselves in a lower level of the temple hoping to hold their own against a coming tide of dragonkin.


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